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    I'm doing a ship design project for school and am up to the point where we're installing auxilliary machinery. The things we still need are:

    1) Electric Generator(s) (~1.5 MW)
    2) Fresh Water Generator(s) (for ~20 people)
    3) MSD Unit
    4) HVAC Unit
    5) Lube oil and fuel oil (marine diesel) purifiers
    6) Steering Gear Assembly
    7) Air compressors (and recievers)
    8) Reduction Gears for a Wartsila RT-Flex 48T 7L Cyl. (engine speed: 102-127 rpm)

    We've got an engine, but we're unsure of where we can find technical data (capabilities, size, weight, CAD drawings, etc.) on the equipment mentioned above. Searches on the internet have yielded little success.

    So if you know good sources for this, I'd sincerely appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance!
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