autoship vs rhino for hull modelling

Discussion in 'Software' started by pavel915, Jul 27, 2007.

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    pavel915 Senior Member

    i have tried autoship for modellibng a hull and found autoship so much difficult than rhino or maxsurf to model the hull. I am feeling that it is easier to model any kind of hull than autoship. but i am confused that i am right or wrong. Is there any thing in autoship that makes autoship superior to rhino for modelling hull?
    please tell me your opinion about this that, which is good for modelling a hull, rhino or autoship?
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    Do you like drawing lines plans with F, HB, or 4H lead? Ruleing pen or Rapidograph?

    Different people, different backgrounds, different tools.

    Having used both, both can be made to model just about any hullform. The question then becomes, is that model useful for where you want to go with it?

    I would use the tool that does what you need with the least amount of effort on your part. Struggling with a tool that is too complicated or not powerful enough is wasteful. However if one tool works better for me, then I can save time, and time is the real cost of design. If you save a week in doing the model, then you can spend a day converting it to another format. And only you can answer wether that is an acceptable solution for you.
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    I have never tried auto ship, but rhino is diverse enough to cover many many feild of work..

    I would not trade rhino (an all my plugins) for any other software. I can model and the create a toolpath for my machine to cut a solid model. Or a picture rendering...
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