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    The above rules have not stopped the use of weather buoys.
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    Before we consider the rules, I think there is validity in getting an autonomous sailing boat working. As I said, there are many steps to go through.

    Tim B.
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    I sure would if I hit it with my boat - or vice versa!

    My point is that so much of the development in autonomous vessels is aimed at the easy stuff, and the important problems are glossed over.

    Autonomous vehicles must be designed to play well with others. There can't be one set of rules for occupied craft and another set of rules for autonomous craft. The "big ocean theory" is not sufficient. It's no more acceptable for an autonomous vessel to sail into the side of a right-of-way boat than it is for a submarine to surface under a fishing boat. The fact that they didn't have the means to see it is no excuse.

    The whole point of developing a 2m autonomous boat is to create the technology for much larger craft. See-and-avoid has to be part of that technology package. It's also part of developing the ethos for autonomous vehicles. Their designers and operators need to adopt the notion that it is irresponsible to turn something loose that is a hazard to other users of the sea. It's not like it's an impossible task - just look at the progress that's been made in driverless cars. It just has to be part of the design requirements at the outset of the project.

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    I understand what you're saying and i'll certainly take it on board (hehe) but in no way is this projects goal to develop it for larger craft. This is not a commercial exercise, it's to aid learning of electronics/programming. Honestly i find it a little rude that your telling me what the whole point of it is.

    Also do those rules actually apply as they define a vessel as carrying passengers or cargo and this is doing neither. The definition is closer to a buoy.

    Anyways, we're going off topic!
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