Automatically damage cases combination for probabilistic damage method

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    This article is to demonstrate a method to automatically create damage tanks combination based on the AutoCAD platform

    01: Brief introduction
    This article includes a short video demonstrating the process of visually and automatically generating damage tank combinations based on AutoCAD graphics platform. These damage zone combinations define a variety of computational conditions for the probability method to calculate the stability of the damaged compartments. Those methods have also been applied to RoPax design and the results have been approved by CLASS.

    02: Main content
    The main content of the video presentation is:
    1, define the damage zone one by one in AutoCAD;
    2, combine each damage zone to generate required damage situations;
    3, once we get the damage situations, we can use those data in a professional software;

    03: Video here: See annex

    04: Some after-talk

    1: Many things in people's work are process-based, the regularity is very strong, but the repetition is cumbersome, we often waste a lot of time doing inconseminative "little things".

    2: AutoCAD is an open display platform, you can create geometric models, you can also organize event processes, in this platform, entities can be data, processes can also be data.

    3: AutoCAD is a visual operating platform where entities and processes can be dataized and these models can be visually processed.

    4: We have many years of Experience in AutoCAD visualization software development (mainly using Lisp and VBA), and have already developed some visual data processing plug-ins, these plug-ins save our colleagues a lot of time, make them happy, full of fun, we also hope to help everyone: avoid duplication of tedious "little things", find fun at work.

    5: We can provide CAD-based visualization solutions, if you are in need, please feel free to contact me:
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