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    Anyone out in Australia care to regale us with a 'real world' opinion on the system of taxation in Australia?

    What I've been able to gather from research online is that the income tax rate for 2009-2010 is as follows:

    12.4% - 22.5% for 34,001 - 80,000 $A
    22.5% - 32.2% for 80,001 - 180,000 $A
    32.2% - 45% for 180,001 $A and over

    ... with 1 $A worth approximately 0.93 $US

    I'm particularly interested in this from the aspect of small business. Comments on peripheral government costs (vehicle registration, etc) are also welcome.
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    From the small business standpoint -- you want to expense as much as you can. The trick is is to live as well as possible, make no profit, and have no earnings ;)

    It's much better if this can be arranged by making decisions, as opposed to simply because it is true.
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    Hi Netjaws, It's the price you pay for civilisation!,
    although I still am in business, a couple of years ago I had to get an ordinary job. There's plenty of state & local council taxes too, for example my house hold council rates are around $1400 PA, Factory rates $5300 PA plus availibility of sewer & water & electricity, over a certain land value there's state land tax on non own residence property, we have a federal goods & services tax too at +10 percent or 1/11 of sales- with this input costs of gst for business costs is credited against the gst on sales.
    All the best with your plans from Jeff.
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    When you fire bureaucrats taxes go down. We are not so successful in accomplishing that here, but we still keep trying. It is like being caught in a maelstrom. Good luck.

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