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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by JJay, Jun 27, 2008.

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    Hi there

    I am 39 live in Auckland NZ and am looking at starting a career in the boating industry.
    For the past 22 years I have been banging keys as a computer programmer in a cramped little office, and now I need to move on.
    Can anyone offer me advice, I understand I will need to go to a technical college. Am I to old to be an apprentice ?.
    Should I volunteer at a boatbuilders yard for a few weeks just to make sure I am in the right area.
    My first option is working on the Hull and Deck instead of masts/rigging sails. Apart from that I am not fussy.

    All replies appreciated. :)
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    Hey there,

    There are three ways to becoming a boatbuilder in NZ. You can either approach boatyards and see if one will take you on and hopefully get a apprenticeship, do either a pre-apprenticeship course or do Unitecs 2 year Marine technology course.
    I would say you will have a better chance of getting a apprenticeship if you do a pre-apprenticeship course.

    I started my career in boat building at Unitec 12-13 years ago doing the 2 year Marine Technology course but this only allows part time work so it can be a expensive way to do it.

    There is a shortage of qualified boatbuilders worldwide it seems so probably not a bad trade to take up.

    I am currently working over in Europe but returning back home to Whangarei in the next few months.
    Northland Polytech does several boatbuilding courses including the pre-apprenticeship one I was talking about.

    Contact Rodger or Glenn.

    Heres the link to the course.

    Dont think your too old, I have had apprentices that have been in there 50's and they have been great. You will probably find it easier being a more mature candidate.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers Kit

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    I am about to start building my solar catamaran in the Auckland area. (Arriving in Auckland November 19th) Want to help? I am looking for enthusiastic assistants who know the Auckland area well. Not just boat-building but project management, too. Learning by doing is definitely the way to go as well as to discover your aptitude. Your computer background could be helpful as well.

    Aloha from Hawaii
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