attaching a fiberglass hardtop

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by about time1, Feb 13, 2015.

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    about time1 New Member

    I am fitting a non- cored fiberglass hardtop to new construction aluminum 1 1/2" tubing. I do not want to bolt thru the tubing for aesthetic reasons. Th hardtop is to skins glassed together with a gap in between. How can I secure this to the tubing?
  2. gonzo
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    What is the gap, air? There must be something to keep the skins from collapsing into each other. You can drill and tap holes on the tubing and use machine screws. Otherwise, pop rivets would also work.
  3. rasorinc
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    Islets and twist snaps???

  4. boatbuilder41
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    Adell clamps... the stainless steel rubber coated clamps that many people use to secure rubber hose.... plumbing and wiring... just buy the size that fits the tubing and bolt thru the hard top.... it works great
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