at 5000 ft, what is it ?

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by Boston, May 20, 2012.

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    I know what it is... It's too f-ing cool!

    I think it's my old silk sheet that blew off the line last week. Looks like somethings growing on it though! Don't ask...

    Pretty consistant at 5202 feet below sea level...
  4. Boston

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    ya I thought nudibranch to for a minute but then I noticed the clusters around what looked like a central vent or mouth. More jellyfish if you ask me.
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    yep- i looked at some of the photos of the thing it is supposed to be- looks right.
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    Freaky. I was going to make jest and say "whale placenta" but seems to be top theory already. Always go with first instinct I guess... Did I say freaky?
  7. Boston

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    thats Temopteris species Annelid

    They never thought it got very big until they filmed one at about 6000ft that was estimated to be about 100ft long, mostly tail, but mind blowing none the less. The film is thought to be the only film of an adult specimen.

    not the film I was thinking of but Temopteris is the second animal shown in this clip

    they used to much lighting as missed its bio luminescence but you can still get the idea of just how long this thing might grow.

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    Before reading any comments on the site, I thought
    But now I'm thinking it's from an old Lava Lamp.
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