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    hi folks.

    i have an interest in boats.

    like the idea of building one, perhaps.

    a problem i have though is some pretty sensitivity to particulate.

    IE: when i sweep, my apt., i will be wheezing for several hours.


    is this is a concern while working around fiber?

    are modern masks sufficient to handle a problem like mine?

    anyone out there have sensitive lungs that can chime in?

    i've heard that some people develop respiratory problems from working around this industry.

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    Not to sound pessimistic, but if sweeping your apartment causes you significant health risk, this could be a large hurtle for you. There are particulate respirators on the market that filter a large portion of the fibers associated with boat building, such as scba(self contained breathing apparatuses). The issue may be that the particles also settle on the outside perimeter of anything that you are wearing, from shirt sleeves and collars to face masks and head coverings. Not to exclude the fact that the building will have particles floating throughout its containment.

    I am not suggesting that the idea is impossible, but the precautions that would be required could be quite costly. I believe there is a way to accomplish anything that a person sets there mind to doing. The choice is inevitably up to you. Is this a lifelong desire? Or is this a passing fancy? You have to decide if the rewards out way the risk.

    Someone else may have an alternative idea that I am not familiar with. Best of luck to you.

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    I guess it depends on exacally how sensitive you are and how much you are willing to spend to be able to do the work. The cheap paper masks may not work for you, and even a screw on filter may not filter out enough of the dust, however a hazmat type breather with a full face mask definatly will (think scuba gear + a mask). To buy a full face respirator with an air supply runs about $500 which is a pretty steap investment unless you are sure you really want to get involved with this type of work.

    I don't know much about asthma really, so I can't help you there, but I would caution you that almost everything used in boat building can be an iritant. Heck even sawdust is carcinogen. Which is why I always use at least a respirator (filter) when doing anything but the smallest of jobs.
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    That is simular to the SCBA apperatices that we use in our grinding booths. Theses are the units that I mentioned before, but the come with full face respiration masks. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of an 8+ hour work day inside these can tell you that they are quite cumbersome.

    But if someone really wants to build boats, it may be an aid to counter the asthma.

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    Go to a GP and ask them to arrange to have your allergies tested.

    It's usually something specific that triggers the allergic response. There's no indication that working with GRP will be a trigger. As people have said here, a good dust mask is essential anyway.


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    If the mere act of sweeping your apartment can cause such severe problems contact your doctor before you do anything else! AND BE GUIDED BY HIS ADVICE
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