Assignment for Boat building Apprenticeship- Head Fit out

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by yachtie2k4, Jun 29, 2007.

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    well hey all,
    as i am into my 3rd year of my boat building apprenticeship and I have a big assignment that has to be done on the 2/8/07, I am trying to get it done ASAP cause every other time i have done my assignments i have always left them to the last minute & i figure if i can do a decent job in the last minute & pass pretty easily then give me some more time & ill be able to get a better score. so if anyone can help me with it please help.
    here are the questions.
    You are required to design a Head layout for a specific compartment
    1. Your layout design is to be drawn to scale showing all dimensions and is to be drawn as a general arrangement drawing. To be drawn in 3rd angle, orthogonal showing 3 views: front, right side & plan view
    The following is to be included in the layout:
    • 1 toilet
    • 1 basin (cabinet underneath)
    • Shower
    • Fresh water tank, holding tank & a void under compartment sole
    • Cabinet doors & access hatches

    2. On a separate drawing produce a schematic of the complete plumbing system in 3rd angle orthogonal showing 3 views: front, right side & plan view
    3. Produce a parts list including all items required to plumb the whole system enough detail is required to enable purchasing to procure all equipment to meet operational standards.

    2nd part of the assignment:
    I have to do a quote on fitting the head out, have to do a full pricing on all the materials required to undertake the task as well as an estimate on the total labour content form start to completion, the quote doesn't include items such as toilet, basin, plumbing or electrics.
    Materials-List all meterials for the job, including current prices
    Labour-all labour costs need to be considered including using an offsider as required for certain tasks

    as you can see i have to do a layout of a head on a yacht that is about 40-45ft. if any of you can help me with my assignment please help, i need it cause i don't do this kind of stuff at my work.
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    Rob, time to sharpen the pencils, lay out the paper & do your homework, tomorrows saturday, go down the marina & find a dood with a 40-45' yacht & get out your trusty folding rule(or tape of measure) & ask politly for permission to inspect stating your purpose do some sketching & dimension- most will oblige. Get an idea of whats gone on, take digi picts if you got the camera,phone & get some catalogs from whitworths, bias, bob littler agencys, seafarer etc & get some pricing & material/ component lists going, as for fitout break up the job in like a flow line & try to see (imagine) & write down every stage in order of process & allot time taken for each on your best day(double it later at least for F! factor), do the same for materials which will vary from teak & gold plate to stippled flow coat- sounds like its your choice of level of finish in the assignment.
    Remember its learning your aiming for, so you can become a tradesman that can design, draw, cost, schedule, contruct & get paid- the more you learn now the more $ you make later & thats the name of the game. When it comes to your effort you'll get 50% for a decent try to start, I think you need 55 for a pass so its only the last 45% that counts in real marks & if your an anarchist only a podium finish counts! so try hard, strive & never give up! & once you've made a decent start ask your friendly tafe teacher of boatbuilding learnedness for some appraisal well before submision- they're there to help you & love to give guidance & be empowered to do so(they wont do "it" for you though). as for the orthoganal view I barely remember the terms decades after so pay attention & wear your respirator:) All the best from Jeff
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    G'day Rob
    I don't think anybody can help you as yet. But as Jeff said do the homework also there are plenty of layouts on the net, not to that detail but a start.

    I'm sure if you post your work or link to your site there will be plenty of experts here who can advise alterations or other points you may have missed.

    Good luck

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