Asking for references on planing hull's seekeeping

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by zhukai_hrbeu, Sep 21, 2006.

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    I am a postgraduate of Harbin Engineering University, a chinese university.
    Now I am preparing for my paper on design of planing hull, in which I have encountered a problem on lacking of references of planing hull's seaworthness.
    Many papers on planing hull which I 've readed have been cited the Zarnick,E.E.'s report,"A Nolinear Mathematical Model of a Planing Boat in Regular Waves". After seaching for a long time in my nation,I have not got it.So I look for someone's help on the boatdesign forums. If you are so kind,please send me a copy of it, I would thanks very much!
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    I'm sorry I haven't got a copy either but, I believe there is a copy at the Delft Ship Hydromechanics Laboratory in Holland. Try approaching them direct for a facsimile. When searching for it, make sure you included the 'n' in nonlinear.

    Zarnick E.E (1979), 'A nonlinear mathematical model of motions of a planing boat in waves.'

    The following are other papers that incorporate Zarnicks earlier work trhat may be of interest."EE Zarnick nonlinear""sname Publications Zarnick nonlinear"
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    innomare Naval Architect

    There's also the paper "Seakeeping of hard chine planing hulls" from Savitski a.o. which can be purchased directly from SNAME (

    Best regards,


    Naval Architect
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    Also from SNAME

    Seakeeping Predictions for USCG Hard Chine Patrol Boat
    White, James A. Savitsky, Daniel
    L/S Paper, New York Metropolitan 6/1/1988

    On Seakeeping of Conventional and High-Speed Vessels
    Faltinsen, Odd M.
    Journal of Ship Research, Volume 37, Number 2 6/1/1993

    Resistance and Seakeeping Characteristics of Fast Transom Stern Hulls with Systematically Varied Form
    Lahtiharju, Erkki Karppinen, Toumo Hellevaara, Matti Aitta, Timo
    SNAME Transactions, Volume 99, 1991 1/1/1991
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    Thanks for everyone, special appreciation for Crag Cay!

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    Go to and if necessary, leave a message with Richard Akers.

    It's a NSRDC report.

    There are also two papers by Martin that were in the 1980 or so Journal of Ship Research,
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