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    Gentlemen i am rather fascinated by the around in ten race. Probably some childish streak in me that will never go away.;sa=view;id=53 this link is of a design that is interesting, it gives standing headroom?

    What would you design and what material would you use - 9mm ply and epoxy double wall - with 40 mm polystyrene in between?

    I know many folks are screaming MADNESS - SUICIDE but when you look at all the junk on Yahoo groups, this is not all that different. I would have prefered 12 foot as some designers have pointed out but they started this race so why not give some support / input.

    Why not a standard one off design.
    I would love to see really professional input from experienced designers HULL and SAIL plan. Them folks with all the BIG computers! Off course it would be nice to see my favourit with standing headroom. Simple hard chine easy to build, simple rig. Jeez maybe build one and donate it to some youngster who has got the balls for it.
    Interior and outfitting etc. can come later, that could get tricky?

    Everybody has got their idea of the ideal boat ONE MAN BOAT but lets think small for a change:D

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