Argentina Flag State Regulations

Discussion in 'Class Societies' started by Maritimer, Jun 11, 2012.

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    I am working on a project to bring a vessel from Canadian Registry to Argentina. Somewhere along the way we are going to extend the 38 meter fishing vessel to a 52 meter fishing vessel.

    The vessel was originally built around 2000 to DNV rules and was in class for a short period before giving up class and going to just Canadian flag state regulations. The Owners do not want to put the vessel back under class or pay DNV to review the extension design package.

    Does anyone have experience working with vessel design in Argentina for domestic use only using Argentina flag state regulations? Will this process be very difficult as some flag states, such as Canada, can be difficult to deal with and take a long time to review design packages.
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    Maritimer, you should take contact with an Argentinian NE or NA to help you here.
    To import a vessel is quiet difficult and expensive, to reach aprovement for construction (or modification) of a non-standard boat is harder, that's all I can tell you...
    Here attached the PNA site (Naval Police), you'll find here many internal laws in spanish, regarding yacht construction (something like a reduced version of the ISO 12217).
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