AQWA Multibody Problem (Hinges)

Discussion in 'Software' started by digijtal, May 24, 2013.

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    Hey there.
    I am trying to model a VersaBuoy platform which consists of 4 traditional SPARS which are each connected to a common topsides by a universal joint, so as to reduce topside motion.
    Ansys aqwa 14.0 seems capable of doing this as it makes use of hinges. However I am having a problem when it comes to the topsides. Aqwa is giving me the error: that the topsides, being a non-diffracting body (since it lies above the water line, cannot be part of an interacting set. This is making it impossible to carry out the analysis. I have modelled the spars as surface bodies of 0 thickness and the topsides as a rectangular surface body using workbench design modeler.
    Can anyone suggest a way how to go about it, as this is the first time I am doing a multi-body analysis using this software?
    Thanks in advance,
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