Aqwa Morison Element For Damping In Td

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    I am insisting on Dinoi's question (he is my student).

    We study in AQWA a simple case that is the movement of a moderately large cylinder (800 tones) in frequency domain and time domain, considering also the moorings.

    We want to put a viscous drag in surge movement, so we want to include a a Morison element (Tube). We don't know which is the right dimension of this element from the point of view of AQWA.

    For example, We inserted a very small tube con External ratio of 5 mm, thickness of 1 mm e length of 20 m, that is inside of the main cylinder. But in this way We have a problem because in frequency domain, AQWA gives me error.

    Does anybody know if is it is right my Morison modeling?

    I attach also the file model.

    Thank you very much!

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