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    I'm Pasquale. I have a problem fixing the position of the mooring´s connection point between seabed and flotant
    structure. My flotant structure is an horizontal cylinder. It's a WECs (wave energy converter) of cylindrical shape.
    floating in horizontal position. I want to fix the moorings in order to allow only rotation in Roll (respect longitudinal axis), considering
    a transversal direction of the wave. The mooring must be applied at a distance equal a 0,75 R (R= radius of cylinder).
    In the link bottom you can find the file of the model.

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    What does a wave converter do?
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    Roll only?

    Not sure can get there from how you want to start, too much coupling dependent on wave direction.

    See the 1999 Virginia Polytechnic masters thesis by Juan Carlos Archilla "Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Dynamics of a Moored Cylinder to be Used as a Breakwater.
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    If you have ANSYS version 14 you can simply add a fixed connection point and then add a connection.

    Otherwise you have to open the aqwa job file and manually enter the DCON keyword with the appropriate parameters.
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  5. CWTeebs
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    CWTeebs AnomalyGenerator

    Hey man I see that you did this in Ansys 13. It's a total pain in the *** but adding the connection you want can be done. If your license allows it I strongly advise you update to version 14 because you can do this directly in the user interface!

    To do this you have to step outside of workbench and go into native AQWA-AGS (Aqwa Graphical Supervisor). What you do is edit the .dat job files directly, in this case the TimeResponse.dat located in your ansys simulation directory (created by workbench).

    I made a movie of the simulation with the hinge connection but I'm not sure if that's what you even wanted. I made an unlisted movie of the simulation and also included the time domain job file that has the articulations in there.

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