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Discussion in 'Materials' started by CLUTCHfan, Apr 8, 2007.

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    CLUTCHfan Junior Member

    Off hand, does anyone have an idea of what a 4x8 .125 sheet of aluminum is going for right now? I'm starting to try to figure out how much my build is going to cost me, and what type of budget I'll need.

  2. lazeyjack

    lazeyjack Guest

    you should be buying at 6000 a tonne, now if you dont know how much a plate , or sheet weighs, then this would seem a good place to start your build
    try google for EVERYTHING
  3. marshmat
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    Such a sheet weighs about 25.5 kg (give or take a bit depending on alloy), or about $150 at the rate lazeyjack says. (Al weighs 2.7 tonnes per cubic metre.)
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