APEM is offering diverse career opportunities in UK & Ireland

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    Welcome to APEM Group, where your career takes centre stage, and your contributions make waves that matter. We are a leading force in environmental consulting, utilising technology and expertise to drive positive change, in the UK, Ireland and across the world.

    APEM is where science meets progress, join some of the brightest minds in the industry in shaping the environmental landscape. Here, people can contribute their expertise, foster personal development, and play a significant role in inspiring projects that make a meaningful impact.

    You will be offered the chance to work on a variety of projects, many of our employees have worked on projects that have been of personal interest to them. We match this with a commitment to continuous development and learning to support your career. We also offer benefits to look after you, from private medical insurance for all employees, access to mental health first aiders and comprehensive income protection if you cannot work. We also offer superb flexible working options, balancing work with your life.

    We are focused on creating a diverse and inclusive team. If you can’t tick every box on our job description, then we are still keen to hear from you and are open to supporting your development. That may be working part time or supporting you to gain experience in a specific area – we are a growing company and are able to adapt roles to reflect individual skills.

    Explore all the open vacancies here:
    Make Waves in Your Career https://ex.cndrn.co/campaign/url/forward/19ae9ad31413
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