Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by sharkeymarine, Jul 15, 2002.

  1. Willallison
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    Great Idea Doug - and excellent work (as always Jeff):D
  2. 67-LS1
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    Make'em register !!!

    I've mentioned this before...
    This is the only forum I've ever been on that allows people to participate without registering. Most allow "guests" to surf and read the forum but not post until they register.
    When I log on and see 10-15 "guests" and 1-2 registered users, I don't know whom I'm talking to one minute to the next. You can get a response from "guest" that says one thing followed by a response from "guest" that says the opposite. Who's who?
    Kinda unfair for those that take the time to register that they can be insulted by someone whom doesn't have the time or the cajones to register.
  3. sharkeymarine
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    sharkeymarine 2 Fins Up!!

    You always have that "Guest Block" option. The one that just blocks any Guest posts and you only read the posts from people with an identity. Even though they still may be using an alias... ;)
  4. BVI Jon
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    Well said Dennis.

    It is difficult (won't do it) to believe or trust any one that dosen't have the conviction of what they say or write.

    I like the way that people can remain anonymous here, but I think they should understand that their credibility is nil if they are unwilling to personally claim what they say or write.

    Cajones pretty much gets to the point.

  5. aguest
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    One spray with the resin gun to the face usually runs the talkers off. Anybody that spends the money / time / effort to build any boat should be praised.
  6. AjaxHawk
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    I read all this and my head hurts......Question

    So who is listed as the holder of the "Apache" name, Reg # 706,228 ???????
  7. lprimina
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    Guys let it drop, this is supposed to be a forum of boat builders helping each other out and learning from each other...(of course I have learned tons but havent had the brains to help anyone else out yet) This forum is one of the best out in cyberspace.
    If the two sides dont like each other private message each other.
    And good luck in the future to both sides on whatever endever... Oh if my grammer or spelling is incorrect Im sorry I have BS degrees and not BA degrees
    Thank you to the founders of this forum
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  8. Julie

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    I own the name and all rights to "Apache" including any boats, molds, plugs or designs. If you try to infringe on my rigts I will sue you and your whole family.

    Julie Sullivan
  9. AjaxHawk
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    Will you sue the girl I took to the prom also ????????

  10. jjss

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    are you hot?
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