Anyone heard of a mini speedboat called an "Escape"?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by mattcrunk, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. mattcrunk
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    mattcrunk New Member

    I just purchased a very small two-person speedboat very similar in design to what I've seen called a Water Mouse, Aqua Lark, or Addictor design. It's about 8' long with a 4.5' beam and is set up for an outboard motor. It has no badges or number plates that I can find, and the only names on it is the word Escape written in a stylized logo on each side of the hull near the transom, and a logo that says Attwood on the steering wheel.

    I've done web searches under both names and so far came up with nothing.

    If anyone can provide me with any info on this little boat I'd be very grateful. Thanks.

    -Matt Crunk
  2. hatchie
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    hatchie New Member

    does it look like this?

    i have a boat that is somewhat different than others ive seen in the net.
    look at it here:
    i dont know of another way to get you there, i'm new to this. its under the 1979 aqualark thread, page 5, and the name is hatchie. i'm in tennessee so they may be similar, got a pic, i'd like to see it.
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