Anyone familiar with US Composites?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Sean B., Jul 23, 2006.

  1. Sean B.
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    Sean B. Junior Member

    In particular, I'm wondering if anyone has had experience using their "US Composites" brand of Epoxy resin #635 thin for glasswork.

    I've used a couple different brands before, but mostly have stuck to West Systems as it is available locally... but at quite a bit higher cost.

    Now that I'm working with my OWN money, I'm trying to save costs a little, yet not be "cheap" to the point that I end up with an unstable piece of junk.

    I've never found US composites before, until a couple days ago when someone posted their website in response to someone seeking a source for pour foam

    The price seems (almost) too good to be true... is it??

  2. JEM
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    JEM Senior Member

    I've used there 635 medium a few times. The price is very good like you say. The 3:1 ratio can be a pain at first if you're used to 2:1 but that's quickly over come.

    It has pretty strong smell. I compare this to the smell of RAKA and System Three epoxy. I've heard it blushes pretty hard. I have not experienced this but I take steps to avoid it if it's there or not.
  3. proofsales
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    I have used US Composite's epoxy resins for about 4 years with no problems. On average I use their 635 resin with a 3:1 medium hardner the most. I get good performance from it summer and winter. During colder weather use it does blush more the when the average temp is above 65F or so.. I think this is due to the longer cure time at colder temps allowing more migration of blush to the surface. Warmer weather and faster curing causes less blush.
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