Anybody watching the Transat Jacques Vabre?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by wet feet, Nov 7, 2021.

  1. wet feet
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    wet feet Senior Member

    The title says it.Any predictions?I'm hoping that the promising designs that hadn't been debugged thoroughly before the Vendee Globe have the chance to show us what they can do. Watch the progress here:
  2. Dolfiman
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    A first dismasting alas, Imoca Bureau Vallée (ex Occitane, the Sam Manuard design with a scow bow compatible with the rules), by only 15 Knots of wind. Too bad because this boat has a real potential, she already missed a brilliant Vendee Globe with Armel Tripon due to problems with its fore stay.
    In the outsider, I will put a coin on Corum, because its potential and two great underrated sailors on board : Nicolas Troussel and Sébastien Josse (former skipper of Gitana team).
  3. Andy
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    The problem for all the new boats is that they can produce way more righting moment through the foils and also hull shape than the OD mast was ever designed for. The skippers have all kinds of sensors to warn them that they need to back off, but these can't predict unusual loading situations.
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  4. wet feet
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    A good point,but don't you thin another partial cause is the increased speed of the newer designs leading to an increase in the speed of the apparent wind and thus the rig loads?Maybe an answer of sorts would be to add some lower shrouds to reduce the length of the unsupported panel.I can foresee the challenges imposed by a rotating mast,but it isn't the first set of structural challenges faced by the designers of IMOCA's and its only because they solved the earlier ones that the boats are now imposing these loads.I don't doubt that a solution will be found.

  5. Skyak
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    I have been wondering if IMOCA would offer a second heavier and stronger OD rig option, and would anyone take it if they did.
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