Any VW Amarok owners?

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by Wynand N, Aug 29, 2012.

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    Wynand N Retired Steelboatbuilder

    After my old trusted 4x4 Ford Ranger truck fell victim to affirmative shopping sometime ago, its time for me to get a new truck to tow boats with.

    I plan to replace it with a double cab VW Amarok TDi (132kW Highline model) truck but here in SA we only have the 6 speed manual available currently and the 8 speed automatic will only be available somewhere in the 4th quarter....:( Again, these vehicles are in short supply here and one gets on a waiting list which is OK since I want an auto anyhow.

    But, before I put pen to paper on the order to purchase form, how good is the 8 speed auto compared to the manual box model? Perhaps one of the members on the board have one (or know someone with) which I can have firsthand feedback from instead of relying on press releases that are always to good to be true, in short PR crap. I know that these autos are available elsewhere for a couple of months already :cool:
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    I've been wishing for a smaller TD truck like this for years-if we had these in Canada I'd buy one tomorrow.

    Lots of youtube reviews,should mention transmission use.
    It's a ZF,
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    Wynand, might be a lot of savings if you order it and buy it from Brazil. Then ship it to yourself. But I know nothing about S.A. import costs.
  4. WestVanHan
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  5. whitepointer23

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    have a look at the new ford ranger wynand, pretty impressive. there are quite a few amaroks around here but i have not heard much about them. i have a dual cab holden rodeo which is brilliant, i guess it would be called an isuzu over your way.

  6. Manie B
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    Wynand - for what it worth - my neighbour (the german doctor) had one of the new Audi station wagon 4wd. He, as a german, has stated that he will never buy a Volkwagen / Audi product ever again and definately NOT something with NEW technology. Audi and Volkwagen are trying to increase their market share with "gimmics" such as 8 speed auto transmissions and V10 engines - all over the top. On site where we tow trailers with equipment and water carts all day long we use Toyota Hilux and Ford Rangers, both very good. We wont even look at all the other stuff anymore.

    As I know that you are looking at this vehicle for towing a boat oneday I must say - stay away from the fancy gimmics. Service and repairs on that 8 speed will make you broke.

    Another neighbour had a BMW X5 that he towed a trailer with 2 jetskis on to Swakopmundt. Halfway back and the gearbox was finished. 9 months and a ZAR 100k later he got the piece of sheeet back just to sell it.

    If you want a pavement poser to make you look good then buy the fancy stuff and make sure that you keep to under 15 000 kms per year. AND SELL IT after 60 000 kms.

    If you want to tow a boat - go for the regular Ford - Toyota stuff
    After sales service and spares WILL BE THE HEADACHE in this country
    be warned - next year is going to be very very tough
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