Any Tricks/tips for Wetting out Biaxial cloth ???

Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by tpenfield, May 1, 2019.

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    No. Doubt it. That is a lot.

    For a square yard of 1708, the epoxy wetout is 25 ounces. 24 is work

    You would adjust for anomalies like a thirsty core or cold resins, peelply, four ounces added for a paint roller cover, etc., an ounce for the table losses. You should have been close with 24.

    My hunch is your wetout is uneven or that I don't understand VE vs epoxy. If VE requires more, then a percentage would be applied.

    When I wetout, I have gotten a little religious about 40% under. Then I roll that out with a bubble buster before putting the top resin on. The topside wetout seems to want to join the liquid on the other side. I also try to even out the bottom application and I generally mark out the wetout area with a sharpie, although not for tapes.

    I am using pvc 1 1/2 or 1 1/4" on a paint roller frame. It works well for moving excess resin to dry areas.

    I also find the only laminating roller worth a dime is the bubble buster. I like the 1/2" x 6", but smaller might be better for you.

    Then a squeegee is a must have when you know you have a lake underneath.

    We also use cheap china chip brush for any lakes that form on edges.

    At the end, if you used a paint roller cover, squeegee it out and you'll get like 3 oz back. But anytime I use a roller, I add 4 oz to the mix calc.

    For the yard of 1708, I would mix the 25, but my epoxy is 2:1, so I round up to nearest ounces. Or 9&18 or I would mix 27. And I also always pour resin first to avoid losses. take worth price charged

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    Yes, 32 fl oz does seem like a lot. . . I have been using around 26 oz. instead of 24 oz, plus my adhered plastic method that I described, and the wet-out has been better than my initial go's.
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