Any One Know About Fung Method?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by samcool111, Jun 2, 2010.

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    samcool111 Dr.

    Hi, does any one know about the Fung Method for ship power predition?

    Here's some information I've got:
    Fung Method algorithm is applicable for resistance prediction of displacement ships with transom stern hull forms (generally used for larger vessels than Compton). The regression is based on data from tests on 739 models at the David Taylor model basin and consists over 10 000 data points.

    The algorithm is published in:
    Fung, S.C. and Leibman, L. "Revised Speed-Dependent Powering Predictions for High-Speed Transom Stern Hull Forms" FAST '95: Third International Conference on Fast Sea Transportation, Lubeck-Travemunde, September 1995.

    Recently, I am working on a small program on power prediction for ships with C#.Unfortunatly, I can't find this FAST' 95 paper to build this algorithm in my program.

    The Fung method is included in HullSpeed, SeaPower, NavCAD etc.

    So, does anyone know something about this Fung Method?
    Some funcitons or formulars may be helpful. Or the FAST' 95 paper would the best.
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