Any Information on Argentinian Boat Designers???

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by kentavros, May 19, 2008.

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    Hi, I'm new here and trying to find out who is the designer of my 36 foot cold molded sloop built in Uraguay in 1973. I had originally been told by the previous owner that she was a Frers design, but since contacting Frers, they have confirmed she is not. I have been told she could be by Horacio Carabelli , or Hoffman or a Rovere design which I can't seem to find any info on! I know she was built @ Astilleros Rosendo and I believe by Regge, but can't get any concrete answers!!! I have attached a photo...any info would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Hi, I know that boat, seen it as of it's building, sailed once on it, but sorry, have no answer for your question, maybe you can contact someone at the Yatch Club Uruguayo for more info (as long as I know Carabelli emigrated to Brazil on the 90's & Rosendo passed away some time ago.)
    As long as I remember, there were 2 boats on construction at the same time here, yours,the Kentavros, and a 2 mast ketch called Windborn, (think this one was sold to someone in Argentina)

    Yatch Club Uruguayo:
    (try contacting Alejandro Salustio there, he was an old friend of Carabelli)

    also the nautical shop at the YCU, lot of old sharks there:
    (try contacting Alvaro Bermudez there, maybe he can find the info)

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    Please contact...

    Hi, Rosendo is not passed away, he is active (and plans to be for long time).
    Please contact "", she works with her father Manuel Rosendo, the owner of Astillero Rosendo.
    They will be pleased to hear about You.
    Carlos is not well informed :)

    Best regards, Fernando.

    P.D.: I'm married with Andrea, so Manuel Rosendo is my father-in-law.

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    Thank you Fernando, I am glad to here Mr. Rosendo Is alive and well. I plan to email your wife Andrea tonight, as now I am truly confused regarding the design of the Kentavros! I would appreciate any information they can give me.

    Best regards, Ronald Milan
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