Any hope for this one?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by afteryou, Jan 29, 2013.

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    Just throwing this out there, but a while ago, I looked at a 28 ft cabin cruiser, and it had 2 v8 327 engines with v drives, and had an upstars room for steering and such, and a below deck room with table, stove etc.

    Take that, turn the lower part into a hold, change the upsstairs around a bit with a folding couch bed, etc, and add a lightweight platform to the back to work from, that could fold up when travelling at high speeds. Like a 6 ft platform, the width of the boat, with plastic pontoons.

    Then tear out the 327's and add some diesels.

    The boat was only 1200$ and needed cosmetic work and engines were shot, well 1 anyways.

    there are some pictures on this page:
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    Maybe I just don't get it...too many years sniffing glass fumes, or I'm just dense. In one post you're looking for the NextGen 21st Century high speed troller and now we're eyeballing 30 year old gillnetters that would cost more to refurbish then they're worth.

    Sorry, Afteryou but I think I'll sit this one out.

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    I still think some holes need to be filled, 1st being talking about staying out for weeks?
    That will take a TON of ice !!!!

    Either build a slower bigger boat to stay out for weeks, or a fast boat to go out daily, I see no way of combining the two without spending a mint on fuel.
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    The stock 26' by 10' Tollycraft has a published weight of 9000 pounds. They carried 140 gallons of gas and 33 of fresh water. Standard power was a 270HP gas engine right aft and fitted with either a vee drive or an outdrive. Cruising speed is reported as 18 knots and top at 24-25 knots.

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    It would cost more to refurbish than it's worth now I agree. My point was that I don't need to reinvent the wheel if somebody did it for me over thirty years ago. Refurbishing that Tolly would cost a lot less than building new, and no more than that Uniflite you suggested early on. The fact that the hull is older does not take anything away from the 21st Century concept of a small fast trolller. MM, You seem to like to try to make it sound like I contradict myself. I don't feel that is the case. I admit that the bar is set high and I have from post #1. That's why I'm here trying to figure this out. Ultimately what I am looking for is to gather enough info from these fine folks here to make the decision for myself if it will work for me or not. The only real big hang up here is the pending fuel bill. Now that I think we might have a workable hull the rest should come more easily. ..:D..

    PS. The only way anybody ever recoups the money put into a fishing vessel is to use it.
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