any good(powerful) AM/FM broadcasters under $500?

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by Squidly-Diddly, Nov 4, 2018.

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    Squidly-Diddly Senior Member

    I'm thinking in real emergency or SHTF or EOWAWKI, it would be real nice to be able to transmit on bands that everyone has on their car and other radios.

    Any desktop, portable or handheld AM/FM capable transmitters on the market?

    Yes, I know it would be illegal to transmit over a station that some big company pays rights for, and a bunch of other regs. But IIRC it is (was? my info on this is coming from 1960s era Radical Movement publications) legal to transmit on "commercial" frequencies on fairly low, but useful, power. Enough for large events over a few city blocks.

    Seems like any HAM equip is rigged to prevent any AM/FM use. Can't be that hard to build a custom from a kit and just tweak it in right spots.

    This would also be great for pranks. "Squidly-Diddly.....this is GOD, and I know what you've been doing!"
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    In a "real emergency" event, the serious people with guns will take a dim view of someone starting their own "pirate radio station" and/or you will be literally be broadcasting your position. Its actually not that hard or expensive to get a license for a low power transmitter. Frequencies aren't that crowded.

    While the Chinese will gladly sell you anything you want, the FCC has recently even taken steps to prohibit even HAM radio sets that can transmit or receive outside of the AR part of the UHF/VHF bands, so FM/AM transmitters will be very frowned upon.
  3. Squidly-Diddly
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    Squidly-Diddly Senior Member

    No worries, getting my HAM lic. we learned its even legal to broadcast on police/fire or any freq. in an emergency.

    If I go pirate I'd also be mobile. :)

    IMO having a HAM is kinda like knowing how to speak a language less than 1% of people can hear, much less understand. Like speaking in Bat sonar.

    IIRC the only HAM enforcement was like 4 cases ACROSS ENTIRE USA that resulted in minor fines. A few dozen that got warnings. You must really have to try hard to get the FCC's attention. Probably some guy who left a high power all-channel jamming system on by mistake and left for the weekend.

    What I'm really looking for is something like this, but in about 8 Watts (like decent HAM Walkie-Talkie) and hopefully AM as well. This unit says 0.2Watts and users say it worked inside church so people could use Walkman as hearing aid. fm transmitter

    They also have 25Watt desk top systems for under $400 but....desk-top. I'd be plenty happy with something big and even heavy, and portable with good power. Something like a 'Nam era field radio would be ideal, if it did AM/FM. Backpack-able, and comes with nice antenna. Vietnam PRC-9, military radio, Signal Corps, army radio, field radio | eBay

    US Army spending $4 billion for new 2 channel walkie-talkies.

    Meanwhile, for several years now, over at Ebay, from China...not just "dual band" but, yes, 2 channel Baofeng UV-5R Plus FM Dual Band Transceiver Ham Two-way Radio HT + Free Earpiece 811820022185 | eBay
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