Any advice for finding work in England ? (with an Italian education)

Discussion in 'Education' started by Ennio, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. Ennio
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    Ennio New Member

    Hi guys, I just completed a Master Degree at Federico II (Naples, Italy) in naval architecture with the highest mark, now I'm looking for a job in England (especially in London, I've some friends there) , I'm sending my cv to different companies but I still haven't receive any answers (or only negative ones) .
    According to your experience, is it easier to find a job (in UK) living in England than living in Italy ? Or it's all about the education ? For example , it could be useful to achieve an other master here in England (London, South or Newcastle) or my education is good enough ???
    Maybe it could be useful a statement of comparability of NARIC for example , or something similar with RINA ???

    My idea is to come there (in Brighton or London), find a job as a waiter, improve my english and in the meanwhile to get a job as naval architect (or marine engineer), what do you think ?

    Any advice is welcome !!

    Thank you
  2. gonzo
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    You should consider the implications of Brexit. It will most likely require EU citizens to apply for a work permit. Considering that their economy is going to take a huge hit and unemployment is already rising, that will be hard.
  3. Ennio
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    Ennio New Member

    Thank you for the answer
    So you think it's not the right period to get a job as engineer in UK ?
  4. BlueBell
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    BlueBell . . . _ _ _ . . . _ _ _

    Hi Ennio,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Congratulations on your graduation.

    I'm not sure how many of our members have worked both in Italy and England, recently, in Naval Architecture, to give worthwhile comment on your query.

    You may want to reach out to those you sent cv's to and confirm receipt.
    Often the person who answers the phone is your best source of information (if anyone answers...).
    Pick out the company you'd like to work for the most and start cultivating a relationship.

    Good luck to you.
  5. Ennio
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    Ennio New Member

    So the best way is to call them directly !
    Thank you for the advice and your quick answer
    (maybe my only hope is that Brexit doesn't happen)
  6. bajansailor
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    bajansailor Marine Surveyor

    Ennio, demand for ANY type of naval architecture job in Britain is very fierce and competitive.
    When I was living there I worked in a couple of places (and got made redundant a few times, twice from the same place).
    But I also wrote probably in excess of 100 letters of application, all hand written, each enclosing a CV. Some companies didn't bother to reply, but most did, politely saying 'thank you but no thank you, we do not have any vacancies'.
    This was in the days before internet and email - however I think that email probably makes it even more difficult (for the applicant) nowadays, as the odds are that there are even more people applying. The cost of sending an email application is nothing really (other than a few minutes of your time) - whereas previously it cost a lot more (in time, effort and materials) to buy writing paper, envelopes, stamps (and of course a nice fountain pen :) ) and send off many individual applications in the post.
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  7. TANSL
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    TANSL Senior Member

    Brexit will probably have a place in some moment but any advanced country will be willing to hire well-trained professionals whose training costs have been borne by another country. Now, the English are not going to learn another language, so the first thing you should exhibit is a perfect English. The label of "good design and mastery of the state of the art" that, in general, an Italian title entails can also be of great help. You underline what your Italian training can differentiate you from a less "artistic" formation and, good luck.
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  8. alan craig
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    alan craig Senior Member

    Don't worry about Brexit; either it won't happen despite the mandate of the referendum result or it will be a weak Brexit and you will still have freedom of movement. May I suggest that you contact RINA directly to ask if your degree is acceptable as directly equivalent to a British qualification or if there is a conversion course. Don't be a waiter, get any job you can in a shipyard/boatyard/design office, that way you will have access to those who make decisions about employment. Your written English is perfectly acceptable so I assume your spoken English is also good.
  9. Ennio
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    Ennio New Member

    Thank you for your interest , honestly I'm a bit discouraged :D now I'll contact RINA directly (phone or email ?? ) to have these informations . Probably at the beginning of January I'll be in Brighton and then I hope to get a job there
  10. KeithO
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    You could consider New Zealand. Pretty uncomplicated immigration process. Especially if you are offered a job. NZ is well known for boat building.
  11. Ad Hoc
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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect

    Don't worry about Brexit/English etc etc... just apply.

    Go direct to the source, like BMT and their Lateral Naval Architect division, for example. They are always looking for new staff.
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  12. BlueBell
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    Good advice here.
    Get a marine related job.
    Go after what you want with a fury, nobody else does.
    Why wouldn't they hire you!
    You'll stand out.
    How dare they ignore your cv's!
    Get in there and ask questions.

    Let us know where you end up.

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