Ansys Aqwa - Errors in Preliminary Data Check

Discussion in 'Software' started by Noc Alek, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Noc Alek
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    Noc Alek New Member

    Dear Boat Design Forum,

    I start working with Ansys Aqwa recently, but I have general experience in Ansys. I am trying to simulate a mooring system of a floating LNG barge in Ansys Hydrodynamic Diffraction and Response Module. HD Module's solve feels nice and ends (with several warnings). However, when moving to HR solver, after pressing Solve I get the message:


    and simulation is aborted. I also added a screenshot of the model.

    Tried to change all the parameters in Geometry and Modul's Settings, to delete all excess elements like quay, mooring lines and others, following the example on YouTube (/watch?v=p0lQTOQo8DM), but all the same error.

    Does anyone know what I did wrong? Thanks in advance.

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  2. chuanzi
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    chuanzi New Member

    I met a same problem like you,so i wonder if you had solved this problem, if yes, can you show me your solution, thank you very much!
    best wishes
  3. yannis_v
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    yannis_v New Member

    I am not familiar of the type of calculation you would like to perform, but please check that the hydrostatic data is correct, i.e. the weight is not more than the displacement. Also, while performing calculations with aqwa, the geometry should not be soild (executed by thin as surface), and the vessel should be split at the Waterline, so check that this is done. I hope this helps.
  4. chuanzi
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    chuanzi New Member

    dear yannis_v:
    I had found the reason of this error ,but a new problem arises ,My simulation includes the collision of two structures(ship and wharf),when the geometry executed by thin as surface,Structures overlap rather than collide with each how could the simulation include collision analysis between Structures?thank you very much.
    best wish!
  5. Shawn Wang
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    Shawn Wang New Member

    Dear chuanzi:
    Could you display the details of how you solve this "error in preliminary data check"? I just encountered this error.

  6. luop21
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    luop21 New Member

    Do you already solve this problem? Could you show me the details? Thank you very much
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