Ansys AQWA Error: Dump of QUVALC Arguments

Discussion in 'Software' started by naveedali, Mar 16, 2019.

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    Hello, Hope everyone is fine. I am using ANSYS AQWA workbench to analyze the effect of waves on a small floating body in pursuit of my Masters thesis. The body dimensions are 1000*350*34 mm. I get hydro-static results but when i run complete solution, this message "Dump of QUVALC Arguments" appears and solution aborts. Helping me with this issue will be highly appreciated as i have no idea of how to resolve this issue. The screen shots of the error message are attached for more details.

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    Have you tried reading the Error messages properly? In ANSYS AQWA, the error messages are short but always tell you what went wrong. From what I can see, it is either the "Dump of QUVALC Arguments" is from your ANALYSIS SETTING, or the Memory stack on your PC is low. If you are sharing the resources at the same time with another heavy software, say ANSYS Fluent, Orcaflex, CFX, Lumion, Solidworks, VRAY, Revit, CATIA or SOLIDWORKS, it is bound to be slow, except it is a super computer like a Workstation or u are using a HPC.

    Secondly, there is a tweek that helps. Switch it to beta mood too. In ANSYS Workbench, go to Tools>> Options>> Appearance>> Beta Option. Then click OK. This should be fine and should help you solve your problem. See the attached pictures to help you. Thirdly, If the PC is slow, I also suggest you do a restart of the system to clear stack memory.

    Check it again, and let me know how it goes. I use ANSYS AQWA and Orcaflex for my designs and analysis.
    For further reference, you can check out my paper on:
    Strength of submarine hoses in Chinese-lantern configuration from hydrodynamic loads on CALM buoy

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