Another way of round the world records

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by TeddyDiver, Jan 23, 2008.

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    TeddyDiver Gollywobbler

    First I got to say it's very thrilling and fashinating to read and imagine the progress and abouts conserning a yacht cruising top speed throw the roaming waters in the South Pacific trying beat up competitors and records..
    But on the other hand. Isn't that like trying to make love as fast as possible:p

    So who/what boats might have made other kind of a records during their cruise round-the world:

    Longest route?
    Most time consumed? (only they who really finished their trip)
    Most visited places?
    Biggest difference of latitudes?
    Rhum consumed?
  2. deepsix
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    deepsix Senior Member

    Have you seen the 1000 days effort.

    They are going on day 275 with the aim of spending 1000 continuous days at sea out of sight of land. The guy is completley cooked, but he has stayed out there a long time. I feel sorry for the girl, she appears to suffer severely from sea sickness.

    There is lots of interesting record breaking that is not about big bucks and speed, like the smallest boat records, or the beach cat records.
  3. SeaSpark
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    SeaSpark -

    Jon Sanders did a single-handed triple circumnavigation.

    Record for longest solo distance, 71,023 nautical miles, and alone at sea, 657 days.
  4. safewalrus
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    Talking to yourself for two years!! You'd end up as daft as Frosty (or maybe the Walrus)!!:mad: :mad: :mad:
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    The 1000 Days effort is an interesting one, and not only from a "can we beat some record" perspective. Reading through their publicity materials, it is interesting to note that NASA took a keen interest in the preparations for the voyage and is keeping a close eye on progress- a thousand days at sea, after all, is not that different from the thousand days in space that a manned Mars mission would entail.

  6. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Teddy, look at "flannery" - one definition is "wandering about aimlessly, looking about and absorbing the culture". - Many cruising boats seem to be owned by people doing something like that.

    Those who enjoy cruising will always be cruising or preparing for the next voyage/stage: (bigger/smaller, sail/power, mono/multi-hull, new/repair/refit, replenish bank accounts etc....)

    To make love slowly - find a compatible partner (for the heavy breathing bits) & look around at other places slowly to learn & observe.... - flannery...

    The sort of boat depends on your personal preferences & money.... If a budget is a factor. Go as big as you can afford - leave some for maintenance/insurance/operations etc. Keep small enough that you can handle it solo & injured - to get back to port for medical attention. Get sea-time/experience in the cruising area FIRST....
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