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Discussion in 'Press Releases' started by jw2013, Oct 26, 2013.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I recently started a website that allows you to easily document your project, in this case it would be a boat design or build.

    It's free and all you have to do is register and start sharing your project. People can follow your project or if you want you can allow them to collaborate and communicate with you through your project feed. It's a great way for you to have a little community around your project.

    I would love if some of you would head over and check out the site, any feedback would be greatly appreciated as we are getting close to our official launch.

    Hope you enjoy.

  2. El_Guero

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    There are several much better locations to post boat projects. Like aircraft, having other people who have the same desires as you do is very important to posting your project and devoting your time to the website.

    I just do not think posting a boat project beside a project fixing a falling down porch is appealing.


  3. jw2013
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    Yes you are correct you can post it in other locations that are specific to boats but we have our project categorised so if thats all you are interested in then that is also the only projects you can follow and collaborate on, the choice is yours. However, not everybody is just interested in boats, and the varying knowledge and skill sets of a wider community can be highly beneficial.

    Our platform allows more social interaction and collaboration based around your project. It enables you to search and find projects along with saving those your interested in through categorisation, and social tools. With a more interactive way to post your project and using the large (as we grow) network of people on the site you can do a number of things.

    1. You can attract people who would not typically be interested in boat building to exciting projects they become interested in.

    2. The site has a wide community of people with varying skill sets that can be discovered. Why can't you seek guidance from a professional furniture/cabinet maker about woodworking skills for building a wooden boat?

    3. Just because you are building a boat it doesn't mean you interest is only that, we ensure you can follow what projects interest you not just what you are doing right now. We allow you to track only those you are interested in. But also allow you to discover more.

    4. We also allow companies to register with our site and sponsor your project, a feature that is quite difficult outside our site. By streamlining this process you can give companies advertising (from your following page) in exchange for goods or services. A feature that can be highly beneficial for small to medium project requiring many company partnerships.

    I agree with your premise that having people with the same desires as you is very important, and that's what make our platform unique, you don't just build a community of people interested in boats, you build a community specifically interested in your project, something that's even more powerful again.

    Thanks you for taking the time to look at the site and really appreciate the feedback, i hope the above helps you understand where we are coming from.

  4. dskira

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    I think you have a good point
    Strange remark from El Guero which never built nor sailed a boat in his life, so for him it is difficult to comprehend what you try to do.
    In fact you are quite right. It was a very common way of crating before WW2when the people from theater, arts, opera and yes naval design get together to create. Gropius was the head of this movement who went so far that some talented naval architects from all over joined the group.
    Before graduating in naval architecture in 1970 I graduate also in art history, it helped a lot in my carrier.
    I really think you are on the right direction, and I hope you will attract boat designers and builders.

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    The Loftsman The Loftsman

    Good idea

    Hear, Hear and well done as this is interesting and not just for boats therefore more inclusive.


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