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Discussion in 'Software' started by Willallison, Aug 16, 2012.

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    1st up let me say that I just tried for an hour and a half to register and then post on a dedicated 3D software forum... about impossible... anyway... I digress....

    I am using Rhino 4 with Flamingo Nxt as the rendering plug-in.
    I have been creating animations using the built-in Rhino animation comands - walk-through's etc.
    Three things -

    1. In spite of having a new pc with quite powerful graphics etc, the rendering process is painfully slow... 2 - 3 minutes to do 10 passes on a 1080 x 720 pix. When there's a couple of thousand renders to do it makes for a very slow process!

    2. Is there a way of pausing the animation process? The only way I've come up with is to do a ctrl+alt-del and close the program!

    3. Which leads me to the last question... if the animation has been stopped for one reason or another and it is part way along the pathway curve for a walk-through, it'd be really good to be able to pick up where the program left off... but how to choose exactly the right spot along the pathway and taget curves to do so?

    Thanks in anticipation.... :)

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    Hi Will, still have to try rhino ani but in 3ds max its always best to make a few low frame and resolution test animation render run's first
    guess its sort of the same and that way you get an idea how long the final animation will take but also see things moving true surfaces you want to correct
    high resolution, size, framerate and tricks like ray tracing easely take day's and dont (didnt) like interuptions, takes time but we like the ani's ;)
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    You can cut the pathway into equal length pieces and render sequels (during night time for example) then copy past all the sequels together in Windows Movie maker or similar software. Don't forget to delete the last render of each sequel because this wil be the same as the first of the next one.

    If your machine is powerful enough you can also let the animation process go on in the background and just continue working as usual.

    Generally make sure you have plenty of RAM memory, good cooling and preferably a SSD for swapfiles. Also switch off layers and objects not visible in the rendering.
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    Thanks Gents,

    Yes.. doing a few low res shots 1st is a must... nothing worse than discovering that you've chopped something off...

    Cutting the pathway into several bits is a good idea... it means you are only only having to deal with animations that last for hours, rather than days... thanks:)
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    I don't know how much (if any) it will speed up your renderings but if your new computer has over 3GB of memory and a 64 bit operating system you could have more memory available to use by installing the 64 bit version of Rhino 5. I've been using it for a while and it is very stable. Flamingo nXt works well with it. You can keep Rhino 4 installed and even run both at the same time.
  6. Willallison
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    Yes - thanks DC... I do have R5 on there... just haven't got around to trying it yet:rolleyes:... but that's definitely worth a try...
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    Can you use any of the tools mentioned in this thread (Rhino 4/5, Rhino w/ Flamingo, Rhino w/Bongo, 3ds max) to render a vessel + free surface moving mesh? Assume the actual height of the water surface is calculated in another program.

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