anchoring in deep waters

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by issac82, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. apex1

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    Matt, not mug size, just the mug will do the job!
    At least if you have her on 450 meter chain.
    The question how nice your runabout will run about is another one of course.

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    450 m of 3/8" chain = 950 kg
    I'm pretty sure that anchoring gear that weighs double what the boat does will hold her in place pretty nicely.... on the bottom...
  3. apex1

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    And the Mug?? Kaputt?
  4. peter radclyffe
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    how about dyneema ropes
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    Questions for all you experts.... If I buy a 200 ton boat, worldwide, what type of a license would I need? This would be for private use, not for hire...
  6. Frosty

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    Ahh this is what I intend to do next time. I shall await the response.

    Actually I have been told that I need to keep under 100 Feet and wont need any licensing if its for private use. Strangley there dosen't seem to be anything on the internet about it.

    Tonnage does'nt seem to come into it.

    But I will wait.

    I have one in mind, a diving boat with loads of accom and two silly GM 2 strokes so far forward the shafts run the length of the boat.

    Just give me an oxy cutter ,--I love this kind of work.

    Its a mess and not far from a scrapper but I will cut the bridge off and replace it aft. Throw way the 2 strokes and replace with truck Hino 700 as far aft as I can get them 280HP.

    He has no license for it!!
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    Legally in the US if a boat is being run for non-commercial use then you don't need a license no matter what the size. However just try to get that past your insurance company! As a practical matter however I have found that up to about 35 tonns is the limit before insurance companies start getting really squirrly about not having a licensed operator. Also at this size the boat normally needs a full time maintenance crew, either a live aboard owner or crew.

    So technically if you could afford an aircraft carrier and wanted to run it yourself it would be legal.
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    And if missus flies the gunship nobody dare ever ask :rolleyes:
  9. mydauphin
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    That is what I thought. Any longer than 75 feet you really want at least three people. What about requirements of EU, and other countries...
  10. apex1

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    In all EU countries you need a license (and in most others worldwide too), here usually from 5hp motor onwards regardless of sailing or motor boat. Then, coastal waters no restrictions except äähh some. On EU channels you are allowed up to 15 meter with such license, above you need a special professional river licence for EVERY single river you navigate! Many countries have a 200 tonnes, most a 500 tonnes (gross) limit for a amateur license. Some countries make adifference between coastal and offshore use, almost all ask for a commercial license for charter. But as a "certified open ocean master" (amateur license) many countries allow charter too. Some allow only MCA appliant vessels on charter, other do´nt. In many countries the rules for manning the craft are valid for pleasure craft above a given length, like on a commercial craft, while others have a weight limit. Several divide by installed power too.
    Outside any territorial waters you could command a aircraft carrier with a amateur license, if someone would let you!

    You see it is not that difficult to stay within the rules!

    Have a commercial license "unlimited, master, ocean" and a "chief" license too, you´ll never encounter a problem with authorities.

    Except you go sailing of course!



    Tuna Chain

    Guys Anchor Offshore for Tuna all the time in really deep water. You just need to get as big of an anchor asyou can find with as much chain as you can get. Then put a sled on it and run it to a Glousta Ball.

    Then run a Very long Painter to your bow with a snag line about half the length of your vessel to allow hauling the anckor from your aft deck winch. No-One should ever gon on the Bow especially if you have snotty weather

    Of course some self proclaimed "Experts" will allways crap on proven ideas that have not experianced.

  12. TeddyDiver
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    Yup! Allways take care of the braces before crap..

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    Now, I know why those aholes wore such high boots.
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