anchor or mooring depth

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    I had some mooring once, beer, cycle hire those on anchor would row in and say Oh Im an old salty I like solitude at my anchorage, its nothing to do with money.

    I gave 3 days for free, just about every misserable old salty came in and took a mooring. They went off land cruising a while. something you cant do at anchor.

    My insurance stipulates that if I anchor I must check the vessel every 6 hours.

    Damaging some one boat from ignorance is inexcusable and the cost often exceeds the capabilities of the wrong person.

    My worst hate of anchoring is not me but others, who for some reason try to use my position as a guide to anchor, usually within whispering distance next to me in a 5 mile wide bay.

    And usually those with a yacht masters certificate acquired during winter months in the warm comfort of their own home.
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