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Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by Ike, May 30, 2014.

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    Actually I prefer the Bosch. I ran them in my Mercedes Benz or many years. But you comments are interesting. Every one of the plugs recommended for this engine have the same length of threads, but some of them have a much longer tip for the center electrode. I went with one that is almost the same length as the threaded part of the plug.
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    The length of the tip determines the heat range. A longer tip makes a hotter plug because the heat path to the head is longer. The tip cools through the head to the water jacket.

  3. Petros
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    I used bosch when I had a Porsche and a volvo, they seems to run best with them. But I have owned japanese cars since than, and I tried Bosch but the NGK seemed to last much longer. I have also had American made trucks (both Ford and GM), and I have had good luck with the NGKs in all of them.

    Anytime I am helping someone find a problem in their car or other motorized vehicle, if I discover they have Champion plugs, I switch those first. Usually that solves the problem, and if not it just eliminates one known possible source of trouble.
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