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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Richard N, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Richard N
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    Richard N Junior Member

    Well I can no longer resist the urge to show and talk about my idea, please be kind.

    I have been playing around with an idea for a kayak or canoe based trimaran of about 18' LOA with a ~36 inch beam that could be powered by sail, electric motor or muscle. The indented area of use is the coastal waters around Vancouver Island in the Pacific Northwest. An ideal capacity for one plus gear for a one to two week trip would be around 450lbs, this is a rough estimate however, the operator would be 6' in height and 265lbs.

    Here is the graphic I have been working on, for the astute observer you will note that the original lines are from the Glenn-L CanYak design.

    I would prefer a junk rig as this is as I understand it a relatively easy rig to operate and I have zero sailing skills.

    Well here it is... my Mega-Auk, sorry for the cheesy name but I couldn't resist.


    The position of the outriggers was to accommodate oars but I don't know if that would work after looking at it on paper; perhaps paddle or pedal could be used to meet the human power requirement?

    I am attempting to learn boat design and have a copy of Understanding Boat Design on order but I would dearly love to start construction over the winter. It is with this in mind that I am hoping to find support here for the development of an open source plan that anyone can have for free.

    Thank you for reading.
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  2. Tiny Turnip
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    Tiny Turnip Senior Member

    Hi Richard- this looks an interesting project to me- and shares something in conception with my boat Fangle perhaps. There are some pictures at the top of p.26 of the pedal powered boat thread. I wanted a multi functioning boat for pottering, fishing and camping. I have a pop up tent to erect on the deck. the boat is a mash up of a dart 18- you probably Know as a high performance cat. I have been thiniking about a rig for occasional / emergency use, and although it will still rig with the original rig such a powerful rig would never be viable with the pedal power kit on board. Something like your junk rig would be much more appropriate. I am also considering a wind surfing rig with a small high wind sail. Good luck with the project.
  3. Guest625101138

    Guest625101138 Previous Member

    A consideration with a boat like this is the ability for the pilot to be able to right it. This puts an upper limit on the displacement of each ama to be less than the weight of the pilot.

    Rick W
  4. Chris Ostlind

    Chris Ostlind Previous Member

    That's true, Rick... but you can flood one ama and roll the boat. When righted, you allow the flooded ama to drain enough to go to shore with control and drain the rest once there.

    The strategy is in place for this boat, (the XCR canoe based trimaran) even though the owner has not pitched it as of yet.

    Boat is shown here on a multiday camping/sailing trip on Jackson Lake in Wyoming's Teton National Park. The western shore, in the background, is uninhabited save for hikers, climbers and the occasional boater. Wildlife is everywhere with regular sightings of beavers, muskrat, deer, elk, black bears and even grizzly. The peaks visible are up in the 14,000 foot range.

    The park visitors are over on the far side of the lake and well out of range for noise pollution, so the whole experience is right out of the historic fur-trapping period in America's history (minus the Indians). Anyone see the movie, Jeremiah Johnson starring Robert Redford?... like that.

    I imagine that Richard's experiences will be similar, once he gets out there on his planned boat.

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  5. Richard N
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    Richard N Junior Member

    I've been told I need to have a bigger boat!

    Well I must say thank you for the responses however I have had a major breakthrough in area of finance and acquisition rights from the wife.

    As I sat scratching out line after line and generally accomplishing nothing more the making my pencil shorter, the boss comes along and looking over my shoulder says... "It's a cute picture but were would I sit?"... I practically fell out of my chair, she wants to come with me!

    For 11 years now I have tried to no avail to get my better half into a boat, any boat... well now it would seem that she is of a mind to try. So looking to strike while the iron was hot I dug up a friend with a small sailboat and we were on the water in hours. A beautiful clear day with light winds and a gentle sea, perfect! Anyhoo to make this shorter the great news is now I have been granted leave to consider larger designs able to travel much farther.

    I'm so happy!!!
    The sad part is a Trimaran is out, it must be a mono hull as she would prefer a larger cabin, galley, and the ever popular presence of a head.

    So now I start over, I'm very confused as to which direction to begin looking in, it must remain low cost and owner built. Sharpie or Dory... shoal draft or not... Bolger, Brewer, Glenn-L... I'm thinking around 30'.

    I need a new thread...
    I need to close this thread...
    I need a nap...

    Thank you
  6. tom28571
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    tom28571 Senior Member

    You can make the ama with an open transom and a sealed lower chamber. The ama has sufficient buoyancy to fly the main hull in a gust. If capsized the upper ama chamber floods and the boat floats at 90 degrees, held by the sealed wingmast. With a tackle on each side stay, the hull is righted about 15 or more degrees and the sunken ama buoyancy brings it the rest of the way up.

    I helped build a tri like this for the World 1000 race in 1988. No reason it would not work on a cat also.

    As for getting your mate happily into a boat, the picture is not so clear. I know of several guys who have chased this goal through many different boats without success. Boat widowers are all too common. If that is suspected, it is probably best to get a boat you like.
  7. Chris Ostlind

    Chris Ostlind Previous Member

    Good Night Chet.... Good Night, David.

    The multihull show is over for now, my absolute best luck to you as you pursue your chosen craft.


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  8. Richard Woods
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    Richard Woods Woods Designs

    I just saw this post. I suspect I'm the nearest poster to you (I am on Saturna) who has a trimaran similar to what you were sketching.

    Have a look at the Strike page on my website:

    If you like what you see you are welcome to come for a sail or phone for a chat.

    250 539 5307

    But you'll have to be quick as we take the boat out of the water next weekend and leave Canada for 6 months on the 25th.

    Richard Woods of Woods Designs

  9. iWill
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    iWill Junior Member

    Hi Richard N, I'm pretty new here but congratz on your acquisition of finance. How long and how far trips do you want to take, or do you plan to live aboard it?
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