An observation on hull paint

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Salmoneyes, Sep 11, 2018.

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    The spots look like osmosis blisters in a high build filler coat? Could it be that the high build was over-thinned for spraying and then an epoxy coat applied over the top shortly after causing solvent entrapment below which has lead to the osmosis? If this is the case then the only long term solution is removal of the entire coat as overcoating will only delay the progress of the osmosis.
    If your anodes are maintained they will protect the underwater areas well, the bigger risk from corrosion is not hit and run but internal corrosion in hidden corners and behind insulation etc.
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    Interesting observation Nick

    That goes with the theme that if not done correctly, you will have problems.

    I was helping a friend last month in a shipyard, and another guy was painting his steel hull himself, which was heavily pitted and he was laying on his primer pretty thick in an attempt to hide as much of that pitting as possible. He was constantly running back and rolling out his runs.

    That old saying, common sense isn't common applies, but more importantly, many steel hull owners do not understand the implications of improperly applied coatings. In my case, it was the yard paint shop that made some mistakes.

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    the correct method would be an epoxy over the steel and then whatever sort of paint you wanted to use

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