An amazing rendering of an amazing yacht

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by daiquiri, Dec 16, 2008.

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    nice peace of rendering

    warp drives....ts...tss...........
    sorry to correct you:cool: this is obviously the mechanism for the convertible top that folds back down to form the private beach! The teak laid ceiling in the owners stateroom isĀ“nt shown in the rendering. But apart of that serious mistake the rest of the job was done very impressive. From my point of view.;)
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    can you compare with a FEADSHIP from 60,s?
    there is nothing at all graceful abt this thing at all,
    Who or what sort of owner would it(note not SHE) Attract? some wheeler dealer, nouveau riche, from Moscow, some one who would not know a Renoir from a renault methinks,
    God its so ugly, if it was built in metal at least one could say, Ah there are some Skills
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    I'm sorry, but to my eye, a design that epitomizes function foillowing form. Hopefully, it's self-cleaning because I wouldn't send men out to scrub the bird poop off those rounded edges, at least not without mountain climbing gear.
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    how does a hull configuration of this nature perform in a significant sea state?
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    I'm not sure which posts this refers to, but if you are suggesting that the people and their companies I mentioned are amateurs, that seems rather disrespectful to their experience and undoubted talents.

    I was merely pointing out to the original poster that there are other companies in the world capable (in my opinion) of producing comparable excellent yacht renders. These are companies I have come across trawling the internet and I am sure there are others out there.

    Architectural visualisation is a very mature industry now. The money involved in that market is far greater than in the yacht market, and so the technologies and implementations are further ahead. The yacht side is catching up fast, and Urban Voyage is leading the way, but in my opinion, still behind the curve of leading architectural endeavours. Thats just the way it is. I am not showing any lack of appreciation of the skills required for yacht work. Most architectural visualisers would find it very hard to adapt to the yacht side without knowledge of yachts. I first became aware of Urban Voyage through their architectural visualisations, looking at Urban Voyages website a few years ago, and I recollect it all being architectural visualisations.

    I quite agree, and that is why there is a lot of shocking work out there (not yours). So many people have a 3d package, press render, and go whoppededoo look at how great that is, when in fact it's far from great. Every observer has to make their own minds up as to the quality of what they are looking at.

    I dont follow, and the point is?

    I'm sure that the companies I mentioned are quite capable of joining in the discussion and/or publicising themselves on should they wish. I am not speaking for them.

    I assume you're implying I am the "uninformed critic". Uninformed, no. Critical, no. Just an occasional commissioner of visualisations, and interested observer of the advancing state of 3d in the world, both in architecture and yacht.

    I think your Yachtview product is great by the way. Information and the distribution of information to all parties involved is so hard in any large project, you've developed a product to fill that requirement and more, well done.
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    Mmm . . . outstanding piece of artwork -- the rendering, that is -- but . . . this looks like an ordinary hull design that ran over a cat and stopped on top of it -- and -- the designer is a Trekkie.
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    We can't comment on the design :rolleyes:

    I think there has been some very valid comments made and it's tough for us if we are brought in at the end of a project when design has been decided and we need to find suitable angles and lighting conditions. As part of this project we did suggest paint schemes to help modernize the design.
  8. urbanvoyage
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    I'd suggest that to be taken seriously you should disclose your real name and who you work for. It's very easy for people of forums to pretend to be someone else and be critical of others without coming forward with their details.

    You mention you're an "occasional commissioner of visualizations" so I'm assuming you work for a designer or builder? If so which one? Are you prepared to post the work that you've had commissioned so everyone can "make their own minds up"?

    From the links you've posted I've not seen anything comparable. If you have something please post it on this website.

    This is clearly a personal attack on our company. I don't think we are "behind the curve" whatsoever, in fact we are pioneering new ways of working and leading the industry. We are ahead of what's happening in the construction and building industry with the solutions we are developing and hopefully in the coming months we will be able to release these to the public. Select partners are aware of what we are working on and have enthusiastically recognized it's a quantum leap forward for the industry.

    You only have to consider the expert opinions written about us by highly respected Superyacht Journalists. I struggle to see how the opinion of an anonymous poster holds more credibility than David Glenn, Diane M. Byrne and the Editors of most of the leading Boating Magazines. Can you post links to the articles that you have written and had published? I doubt it.

    The tone of your post sounds like a disgruntled competitor that is struggling to evolve in a fast changing world. There are some parallels between different types of rendering, however because you are focusing on this aspect it shows that you really don't understand what it is that we do.

    Once again you are focused on the "quality" of the rendering. Rendering is only a very small part of what Urban Voyage produces. We add value right through out the vision, design, promote, build and support phases of Superyachts. You should keep in mind the purpose and desired outcome from each phase rather that remaining focused on quality (or not) of renderings that various software applications can or cannot produce.

    As above.

    They are welcome to, however as yet I don't think anyone has. There's a reason why companies choose Urban Voyage and come back time and again. In our experience you get what you pay for and people that choose to be cheap with their marketing struggle to get the results they could.

    Sorry, without the credibility of putting forward your details I struggle to see how your opinion holds more value than anyone else with anonymous details. I'd be very interested to see this work that you have commissioned and hearing how you think the 3D world can be advanced.

    For your reference, the images and yachtVIEU document that started this thread and sparked such favorable reviews were produced within two days of us receiving the CAD information.

    Anyone involved in the marine industry knows that CAD drawings are usually created for construction only, not marketing.

    The proof is clear - according to the 2009 Global Order Book, Lazzara Yachts have SIX LSX 92s on order and underway. An incredible result for an amazing yacht that was rapidly prototyped and brought to market in a very short space of time.
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    one of the websites does not work Alik, the first , was trying to comment on the 12m powerboat Al Al, nice entry, but dont you find the chine a bit(hard) up forewards, it is quite wide for a boat this length, in a reall headsea? pl note just an observation
  10. oldsailor7
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    The Tri-Catamaran hull concept was first mooted by a Mr Ralph Flood in a paper presented to the A.Y.R.S. in (I believe) 1966.

    Alas, in the true spirit of an A.Y.R.S. contributer he never patented it.

    This idea was picked up by a number of companies who have often claimed the it as their own, and have produced this wave piercing design in yachts, ferries, navel vessels and small pleasure craft-- such as Bill Buckle Jrs power boat anchored just a few hundred metres from where I sit.

    Millions of dollars have been made out of this concept, but Ralph Flood realised not one cent.

    Isn't that the way of the world. :?:
  11. Alik
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    Actually, our boats have narrower bows compared with averege production FRP boats designed to fit fwd bed :) We launched similar hulls already - good ride on seaway and no bow wetness is reported.
  12. Guest62110524

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    I think you mean deeper finer entry, I agree there, mine are same, but sometimes the chines can be too wide fore, , does not take much to keep spray down
    there is Riviera in Au, terrible entry, like a spoon, , hard riding, still the curtains look ok:))
  13. Alik
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    Sorry to post this here, but... Do You mean this boat? Pls see the lines.

    We tend to produce more 'technical' renderings showing enough technical details. As one can see, sometimes this causes questions from colleagues/customers :)

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    yes thats her, pretty nicelybalenced, , personally the flare(concave) I dont go for, in boats this short, , but very sweet thanks

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    I think that you even dont have a need in any defence cause your work is "speaking" by itself already enough good. It's so easy to say that someone can do it and can do even better without any illustrative information. I can say that your style of visualization is already recognizable and i think its a lot. And more i like that your rendering its not just a technical thing but also artistic specialy the water, i dont know how to make such kind of.
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