Amphibious JetSki

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by JINLEE, Apr 8, 2014.

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    I recently have seen that GIBBs QuadSKi crafts are successfully launched in the markets.

    It is mixture of ATV and JetSkied craft and can be seen from

    We run a boat developing company in the South Korea and would like to see if someone has similar concepts or ideas in fast speed (mixture of ATV and QuadSki) amphibious JetSki avoiding Gibbs patents.

    I found a few companies tried to develop the craft like that but they all stopped process for some reason (financial budgets etc.,)

    We are very interested in investments to those parties who are in this industry.

    Any parties interested in talking with us, please have you proposal sent to

  2. kerosene
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    Looks cooler than I expected. But 650kg and 1300cc 4-cyl engine must set some price and other challenges. It cannot be a cheap toy with those specs.
    Corrosion must be a problem too
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    US ??

    interested in investments ??

    supposedly a "US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million " turnover

    using a Gmail account ?

    Something seems strange.
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    Here is a thread I started on motorcycle/jetski idea.

    Basically a jetski with inline motorcycle config wheels.

    Click my gallery for rough sketch of the concept.

    Others, in particular "Yipster" had an idea for a large tyred "TrailBreaker" style bike that would plane on the tyers.

    Also bounced around was adding moped/scooter sized motor to twin hulled plastic kayak(Wave Walker).

    I'm favoring motorcycle/jetski because I think it would be 'cooler', and lighter, and someone has already done the quad thingy.

    Yes, I think there is definitely a market for lower cost, lighter, simpler 'personal amphibian', more slanted towards seaworthiness. Under 500cc engine.
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    Why not go whole hog and come up with a modern M29C Water Weasel?

    Quite seriously, a little amphibious scooter/dinghy combination that would legally be a scooter on land (or better yet a moped for minimum regulation) and a boat in the water might actually appeal to folks stuck without ground transportation once ashore.

    Perhaps a conversion kit that would allow an ordinary scooter or moped to drop in to hull to do double duty?



    Hmmm...YouTube video is not displaying...anyone know why?
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