Americas cup yacht designs 1851-1986

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Tranth, May 17, 2005.

  1. Tranth
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    Tranth New Member

    Im trying to find out some information on a book by Francois Chevalier called "Americas cup yacht designs 1851-1986" I have heard some things about this book but never actually spoken to anyone who owns it. I want to purchase it (i think) but it is a $1000 book! Thats right $1000 (plus!!)
    Does anyone own it or know anything more about it?
  2. lewisboats
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    lewisboats Obsessed Member

    found one on for $892.95
  3. Gadeyne
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    Gadeyne New Member

    I own the book

    I own the book, it was publishes in 2 limited edition in 1987 (one hard cover and one leather bound). it was an expensive book at the time but well worth the price. The amount of time spent on gathering the information, redesigning the lines, for me, are invaluable. I just wish the line drawing were on single pages rather than across 2 pages, it would have been a lot easier to use to build models.
    At the time it was published, the hard bound cover was FF1500, about $150 in 2011, back then, it was more like $300
    Again, well worth the price.
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    HHBILL New Member

    William Berrisford

    I have a copy of the book that I bought from Llewellyn Howland shortly after it was published. I would be agreeable to sell it if I could find a serious buyer, and I could be assured, that I wasn't violating forum rules by doing so.

  5. Kailani
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    Kailani Senior Member

    :rolleyes::eek: Now Amazon has one used copy for $1,000 plus $3.99 shipping.
  6. UliS
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    UliS New Member

    Do you still have "1851 America's Cup Yacht Designs 1986" and want to sell it?
  7. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    The one version of this book on Amazon is the same book that has been circulating around through various online sellers for some time. It's a signed limited (1st) edition and it's a big book, weighing 16 pounds and large format (12x18), so not cheap to produce. My understanding is there are very few of these puppies available and this particular one has been on the market since at least 2012.
  8. lous
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    lous New Member

    Hi HHBILL,

    Do you still own this book? I would be willing to purchase it if you do and are still willing to sell it.
  9. Jordi Farrer
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    Jordi Farrer New Member

    Hey everyone I own this book, I bought it when I was young, and a good sailor :), this book is heavy and is in perfect condition new/like new,( I never put it under the sun or in my boat, never been on my library because too big, i put in a shelter with a soft blanket around it and in a plastic bag, is like new and is numerated with 11** and hand signature by both authors.
    I want to sell it but I'm in Spain (europe) and send to the US is very expensive i guess, maybe if no one want to buy it or for a decent price, I give it to Maritim Naval museum in my city or some museum who like it.
  10. Gary Mitchell
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    Gary Mitchell New Member

    I have a son in the USNavy who travels in Spain and I would be interested in purchasing this book from you. Is it still for sale? How much would you sell it for? Please send info and pictures of condition to me at gary at medfordhomefurnishings dot com
  11. Gary Mitchell
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    Gary Mitchell New Member

  12. Iancook222
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    Iancook222 New Member

    I too have a copy of this book, number 2313 0f 2574. Bought it in Paris back in 1992. Still has dust cover, good condition and no foxing (brown splotching on paper). Don't recall what I paid for it but has been a very handy reference tool over the years. Well worth its weight!
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