American Boat Builder in Brazil looking for partners or projects

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by caribmon, Nov 23, 2001.

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    We can build boats in Brazil for extraordinary prices! Skilled low cost high qulity labour, most products manufactured in Brazil keeps costs low, low, low (West System buys some of their resins from Brazil). Great woods, stainless you name it! Any ideas? I have just finished a 55 foot Catamaran.

    Contact Don at for more information.
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    I'm looking for a placement


    I am a French student in the "Ecole Superieur du Bois" in Nantes (France), it's a High School which trains engineers for the industry of wood. I am very interested in wooden boat building.

    For my studies, I have to make a two-month's industrial placement wich starts from the 15th June 2003.
    I would be greatful if you can send me some informations about your activity
    maybe can we collaborate during this placement which could be for you the occasion of begining a new project.

    Yours faithfully
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