Amateur building of Michelle 9.2

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    Hello members boatDesign

    My name is Victor. I come from the Czech Republic. I spend regulary holiday and leisure at sea. And so I decided to build my own boat.
    After much deliberation, I decided to build a trimaran Michelle 9.2
    This ship I was intrigued by design, technical solutions and above all that it is designed for amateur building at home.
    Ship impressed me with modern and fresh design.
    Trimaran is 9.5 meters long, beam is 7.4 meters. In the interior is a stem height of 1.9 meters.

    Already this ship I put in my spare time a little over a year, but I hope that next summer it hits the water.

    I'll try to upload some photos here and visualizations from designer

    Thanks for your contributions

    (I apologize for my English)

    Here is link for photos of building:

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