Aluminum T-top bracket---how to make it shinning and hard ?

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by hyboats, Aug 2, 2012.

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    look at the photo of attachment, that T-TOP was bought from American, the bracket is aluminum, surface is very shinning and hard. We thought it is anodized, we did in the same way, surface is shinning but not hard, even a key can make a deep scratch :confused:
    Who know how to do ?
    We tried powered coated before, feels good but not strong, if bend a little then they will fall off.
    We also tried lacquer before also easy fall off.

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    Anodized finish is usually hard. If it is scratching so easily, there may be some problem with the chemicals or the preparation. There is a type 2 anodizing that is softer. These guys may help you:
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