Aluminum sheet on ply bottom?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by gwaa98, Jan 29, 2006.

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    I built a 12 foot vee bottom skiff last year out of 1/4 inch luan plywood and 2x4s and she's been wonderful. But then I started fishing in the local bayous and I found a lot of fish, and a lot of cypress knees. One of them finally holed my boat and she's been in the garage all winter. I want to repair my bottom in a way that will defeat these underwater daggers. A friend suggested sheet aluminum epoxied onto the flat sections of my bottom where the knees hit. Will this hold? Will I need to use a physical connection as well, like pop rivets, and then epoxy over those? Has anybody ever tried this, I mean adding alumnium sheet as a final ply on the bottom of a plywood stitch and glue boat?
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    This thread has been answered elsewhere. Please only post a question once, we'll all see it.
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    1/4 alumium plate was used on miss budwieser screwed in place with black drywall screws, like 4 in. on center, to a spruce/port orford wood grid frame.
    they would get 5 to 6 runs at 100mph+. the glue? i forget about, I think they used black "boatlife" caulk.for glue. look up miss budwieser(Ron Jones builder)
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