Aluminum fabricators in Bali or Lombok indonesia

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by brooks, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. brooks
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    brooks New Member

    Are there any reputable aluminum welders/fabricators who can take a series or drawings or cnc files and weld a 20 ft center console style boat together? Work needs to be done in Indo for tax and import reasons. I am looking at lots of ideas for a small boat to be used near bali and this is one of the avenues. I also have had good expirence with Alum tenders.

    any help is great.

  2. Ken Johansson
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    Ken Johansson Junior Member

    There are some manufacturers of aluminium boats in Indonesia. Check out Arafura International ( They have a small factory close to Senggigi. There is also Kaha Jaya Marine near Jakarta (
    If you use a non-boat builder, you need to have good quality control, i.e. visit the factory every day. I think you should try Surabaya, Bandung or Semarang if you want to find an aluminium manutacturer.
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