aluminum bonding for sailboat

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by SeaweedSam, Feb 8, 2012.

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    I am considering a sailboat selfbuilt out of aluminum, most likely a multihull. FYI I havent found a plan yet but am looking at 36-42'. My immediate barrier is the ability to execute a selfbuild with my current resources. I don't really have an absolute preference for which material I use (no steel) I only need to be able to get the hull(s) done and floating quickly ( months not years)so I don't burn my cash on a storage/buildsite . After that I have a water site to build it out. Aluminum seems cost effective, fast and durable if I don't have to hire out the welding. A friend who builds light aircraft suggested aluminum over , ply epoxy laminate, grp , cold mold etc.. saying the aircraft industry has been "gluing "aluminum for years. I have read most of the sites and threads here and I know it can be done but I havent read yet where someone said " Yep I did it and she came out fine". If your out there speak up.
    Point of reference... I bonded an aluminum plate 1/4" x 12" x 12" to the fiberglass hull of my boat to create an area for outboard motor mount. Since I thru-bolted it anyway and I was mainly concerned with a strong watertight seal I used a tube of 5200 I had laying around . There was minimal sanding on the glass and a quick hand cleaning with acetone and no prep at all on the aluminum plate. I do not know if it was coated or not but it did not appear so. It looked new and shiny and I could not say what type of plate it was as it had been given to me for this purpose several months before. It has been there nearly 5 years on a boat floating all day every day in salt water . Last year I attempted to dismount it to relocate it .. MEBS! I pried, pushed, drilled a "grab hole" for a large bolt, hammered it a bit good!! I dont have any way to measure "shear", "peel" or any other fancy term for failure but I can say that suckers on there short of cutting the entire section out and doing a repair. BTW I hung a 90lb 2stroke Johnson on it so it definitely got some vibration and flex. Goodluck to all SAM
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    Hi friends.
    This is very beautiful and also strong of aluminium bonding on a sailboat you should be do this by a good worker he will be bonding your boat of aluminium.
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