aluminum boat design for beginners.

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Is there a market for aluminum boats in India?

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    Murtazza Murtazza

    Hi All, With due respect to all with so much invaluable knowledge and experience you all wonderful guys have, hats-off to all of you.

    My name is Murtaza,I am 40, and a tig welder for the past 25 yrs, I have recently started a company to build aluminum boats, it would be foolish for me to say that I could do all on my own, I am here to be a part of this community of excellent boat builders and I would specifically like to do only aluminum boats starting from 4 mtrs to 8 mtrs. normal hull open boat with outboard engines. That is for the start and would definitely like to progress, lets see.
    I am really willing to start this aluminum boat building project in a very professional and systematic manner keeping in mind to give this society the best product. now here comes your role, If there is anything you guys would like to share with me please feel free. be it with your designing part, softwares, materials, marketing, what so ever information or knowledge or experience you would like to share please let it pass for the betterment of the product and the our community people. god bless you all, and thanks for reading my thread.
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