Alternate hull for laser rig

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by sixD, Dec 28, 2016.

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    Clearly the laser dinghy is still a super-strong one-design class, but gee i really hate the laser hull! Its so heavy and 1968 in its shape! slow to plane, barrel-rolls down wind, rudder too short etc

    i've been thinking about making a skiff for years and so i'm interested in making a plywood, light & contemporary hull but using a laser rig because: its a good size for 1-up sailing, and there are plenty of cheap parts available and its an unstayed rig so is very simple in terms of whats needed from the hull.

    1. does anyone know of anyone else doing /done this or something similar?
    2. i've seen paper-jet which is close, but has its own rig

    i'm thinking an inverted 'submarining' bow and early on the plane though, in my wilder moments i have thought maybe i should take inspiration from foiling101 - a little tri isn't out of the question + i'd be open to the idea of other approaches too. i'm 83kgs but i guess i should design for about 90kgs, eh?

    should i start from scratch or build on another design?

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    If you look at the "Hardware Class" dinghy discussion you will see that some time ago I advocated a home build class where the only rule was that all boats had a Laser rig. I thought it would be an interesting, cheap class. No takers unfortunately

    You may find my Zest dinghy gives you inspiration. No problem with an unstayed rig, you'd just need a revised mast step area. It already can use a Laser daggerboard. The standard Laser rudder is too small so I always suggest using something else

    I also had a Laser rig in mind when drawing my Strike 15 trimaran, the Zeta trimaran could also use a Laser rig

    Richard Woods of Woods Designs
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  4. sixD
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    thanks Richard + Doug - some good thoughts there. Interesting richard that you have been-here-before and there were no takers. sure it must look do-able but i think it MUST look awesome too. i'll keep thinking

    the other production approach (you probably know of it) is wazp which looks v. tasty and uses an aluminium extrusion for the foil. this is absolutely brilliant as it keeps the cost waaaay down.

    while talking mass-production foil - its easier to market as a 'product' like liquidwater
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